Best Fidget Spinner 2020 – Buyer’s Guide


What is the Best Best Fidget Spinner 2018Fidget Spinner 2020?

Fidget toys, in particular fidget spinners, have become some of the most popular toys around. Not only are they fun to play with, they also offer relief from stress, anxiety, ADHD, and autism. With a combination of affordable pricing and easy to master techniques, these fidget toys will be the first thing you reach for to cure that anxiety or just have fun.

Through a combination of product testing and scouring the online reviews we compiled of list of the Best Fidget Spinners of 2020. We’ve narrowed it down to the Top 10 Best Fidget Spinner 2020. Lets take a look at which fidget spinners made the list!

Best Fidget Spinner 2020

Fidget SpinnerMaterialSize/WeightFeatures 
Maxboost Tri-Spinner Fidget Spinner
ABS Plastic3 inch x 3 inch
2.4 ounces
Tri Spinner
r188 Bearing
2 Min Spin Time
XDesign Fidget Spinner
ABS Plastic7cm x 7cm
608 Bearing
2+ Min Spin Time
ATESSON Fidget Spinner
Metal5.7 x 7.6cm
2 ounces
Rainbow Design
r188 Bearing
Gold Fidget Spinner Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel2.55 inch x 2.55 inch1-2 Minute Spin TimeBest-Fidget-Spinner-2018
360 Fidget Spinner
Aluminum Alloy3 inch x 3 inch3-5 Minute Spin TimeBest-Fidget-Spinner-2018
Ringing 18 Beads Fidget Spinner
Aluminum Alloy3.1 inch x 3.1 inchR188 bearing steel bearingBest-Fidget-Spinner-2018
DKmagic Fidget Spinner
Aluminum Alloy3 inch x 3 inch
2 ounces
5 DesignsBest-Fidget-Spinner-2018
DSSY Heptagon Fidget Spinner
PVC2.3 inch x 2.3 inchLow-friction technologyBest-Fidget-Spinner-2018
Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro
Alloy/Plastic7.3cmRound and EnclosedBest-Fidget-Spinner-2018
American Flag Metal Fidget Spinner
Metal Alloy7.3cmFast/Long Spin TimeBest-Fidget-Spinner-2018

1. Chillax Fidget Spinner

Chillax isBest Fidget Spinner 2018 producing some pretty impressive fidget spinners lately and this new fidget tri-spinner is no exception. It’s quality and design are noticeably better than most other best fidget spinners 2020.


Constructed of durable ABS plastic, as is standard for many fidget toys, the Chillax Fidget Spinner Toy will last a long time. You’ll likely lose it before it will ever malfunction or break.

Chillax uses one of the longest spinning ball bearings in the 608 ball bearing because it can dissipate the heat and friction generated inside the ball bearing more easily than a normal metal bearing can. Spinning longer and creating less heat are always good things.

It weighs in at only 2 ounces and it’s lightweight frame allows for easy use across all age ranges.


With most Fidget SpinnersBest-Fidget-Spinner-2018 averaging between 1-2 minutes of spin time, Chillax guarantees at least 2 minutes spin time with every use. An experienced user will be able to increase the spin time beyond most other spinners in the best fidget spinner 2020 review. This is the fidget toy to own if you want to spin it for 2+ minutes easily with very little effort.

The Chillax Fidget Spinner Toy also comes with a glow in the dark wrist band that you can attach to the fidget toy to make it light up at night. It’s a nice bonus feature that looks really cool when it’s spinning fast. It makes a great fidget spinner for students and it’s quiet for classroom use.


Pros: Durable,  Guaranteed 2 Minute Spin Time, 2 Color Choices

Cons: Costs Slightly More than Other Fidget Spinners

**To see the Chillax Fidget Spinner Toy at, Click Here!**

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2. Fidgeteer Fidget Spinner

When searching for qualityBest-Fidget-Spinner-2018 fidget spinners and extended spinning times, a fine tuned balance and quality ball bearings are a must. Both of these important aspects can be found in the Street Fidgeteer Fidget Spinner Toy.


  • Concave center cap for one finger spinning
  • POM (Polyoxymethylene) Body for added durability
  • Upgraded bearings capable of 2+min spin times
  • Made with less chemicals (BPA and PFOA free)

Measuring 7cm x 7cm and weighing 54g, the Fidgeteer will fit easily into pockets and bags and is convenient for work, home and travel.  The discreet and quiet spin ensures this fidget spinner will not draw any unwanted attention.

The Street Fidgeteer Fidget Spinner Toy is slightly more expensive than other top fidget spinners listed in the Best Fidget Spinner 2020 list, but it’s easy to see that you get a higher quality fidget spinner.


Pros: Durable, 2+ Minute Spin Time, Less Chemicals/Kid Safe

Cons: Costs Slightly More than Other Fidget Spinners

**To see the Street Fidgeteer Fidget Spinner Toy at, Click Here!**

3. Sunrisetop Fidget Spinner

Is there a Best-Fidget-Spinner-2018more popular fidget spinner toy currently available than the Sunrisetop Fidget Toy? With its incredibly affordable price, and over 30 color and design variations help make it the perfect fidget spinner for both the novice and experienced spinner toy enthusiast alike.


Made out of durable ABS plastic, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear on the Sunrisetop Fidget Toy. It’s designed to be spun, hit things, and tossed around. The bearings are removable and protected by the outer shell too.


You can expect 1-5 minutes of spin time out of the Sunrisetop Fidget Toy. More experienced users may be able to spin it for longer. For a budget fidget spinner, the Sunrisetop Fidget Toy is surprising durable and easy to use. If you’re looking for your first fidget spinner, you really can’t go wrong.


Pros: Durable, Affordable, 1-5 Minute Spin Time, Over 30 color choices

Cons: None for the price

**To see the Sunrisetop Fidget Spinner Toy at, Click Here!**

4. Moya Fidget Spinner

The MOYA Fidget SpinnerBest-Fidget-Spinner-2018 is one of the fastest fidget spinners around. With its compact design and aerodynamic wings, it can easily spin for over 2 minutes at a time.

This fidget spinner is available in many different colors and variations, but the gold option is the biggest eye catcher of them all. We’ve tested the MOYA Fidget Spinner for over a week and have been extremely impressed with its functionality and quality design.

It seems very durable and the paint as not chipped or been scratched, even with multiple drops! At less than 3 inches in diameter, you can take the MOYA Fidget Spinner anywhere you go. It fits easily in your pocket or other small spaces.

We’ve also had a lot of people ask us about this fidget spinner since it’s a real eye catcher. If you’re looking for an affordable fidget spinner that your friends will notice, this is the one.


Pros: Durable, Guaranteed 2 Minute Spin Time, 2 Color Choices

Cons: Costs Slightly More than Other Fidget Spinners

**To see the MOYA Fidget Spinner at, Click Here!**

5. HOCHE Fidget Spinner

If you’re a fan of Best-Fidget-Spinner-2018Captain America or Marvel Comics, then the HOCHE Fidget Spinner is the perfect fit for you. The classic Captain America shield is incorporated into its design with vibrant colors that are easily noticeable. Everyone will recognize you’re using a Captain America fidget spinner, while they then go on to contemplate why they chose a boring color for their fidget spinner.

Made of Aluminum Alloy,Best-Fidget-Spinner-2018 it’s extremely lightweight and strong. This isn’t the cheaper ABS plastic found in other fidget spinners in the Best Fidget Spinner 2020 Review. No, this aluminum alloy design is something even Captain America would be proud of.

While it shouldn’t be thrown like the real Captain America shield, the HOCHE Fidget Spinner can spin equally as well or better. It has an average spin time of a whopping 3-5 minutes!!!! That’s right, 3-5 minutes. It’s the longest spin time guarantee of all the fidget spinners in the Best Fidget Spinner 2020 list.


Pros: Aluminum Alloy, Guaranteed 3-5 Minute Spin Time, Captain America Theme, Carrying Case

Cons: None for the Price

**To see the HOCHE Fidget Spinner at, Click Here!**

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6. B-Creator Fidget Spinner

With another great design,Best-Fidget-Spinner-2018 the B-Creator Fidget Spinner is truly unique to the Best Fidget Spinner 2020 list. Its dragon wings set in a rotational pattern are a great conversation piece that all your friends and colleagues will be interest in.

It comes with a protective black case for easy storage and protection. You can expect up to a 2 minute spin time, which is standard for spinners in its class. The B-Creator Fidget Spinner is 2 inches in diameter making it very discrete. It’s extremely quiet when it’s spinning too.

For a cool liking fidget spinner that won’t break the bank, the B-Creator Fidget Spinner deserves a look.


Pros: Guaranteed 2 Minute Spin Time, Dragon Wing Design, Carrying Case

Cons: Feels Cheap in Hand

**To see the B-Creator Fidget Spinner at, Click Here!**

7. DKmagic Fidget Spinner

Have you sensed a theme yet? Best-Fidget-Spinner-2018The Best Fidget Spinner 2020 Review is not only looking to find fidget spinners that provide the best user experience, but also are well designed and look great.

The DKmagic Fidget Spinner is no exception with its colorful alloy design that includes eye popping silver and blue highlights. Centered on a flower scheme, it definitely provides that extra feature we are looking for.

It’s raised blue center cap makes for easy handling and it can be completely disassembled. The DKmagic Fidget Spinner can spin for well over 2 minutes, with experienced users pushing it even further.


Pros: 2 Minute Spin Time, Flower Design with Great Color Scheme

Cons: None for the Price

**To see the DKmagic Fidget Spinner at, Click Here!**

8. DSSY Heptagon Fidget Spinner

This is the first DSSY Best-Fidget-Spinner-2018Fidget Spinner we’ve reviewed and it did not disappoint. The colors of the molded ABS plastic body are the first thing to catch your eye, as is the Heptagon shape. It’s easily the most decorated spinner on the Best Fidget Spinner 2020 review.

With it being nearly 1 inch thick, we did have some concerns over just how long and effortlessly the DSSY Fidget Spinner would spin, but that was easily forgotten once we started to use it. While not the 3-5 minute spin time of the HOCHE Fidget Spinner, the DSSY spinner easily did 2 minutes which is perfectly respectable.

What was even more astonishing than the eye catching color scheme or the ease of use was the price. The DSSY Fidget Spinner is under $3 currently which makes it one of the best fidget spnner deals around.


Pros: 2 Minute Spin Time, Colorful Design, Extremely Affordable

Cons: None for the Price

**To see the DSSY Fidget Spinner at, Click Here!**

9. Mmrm Light Fidget Spinner

The Mmrm Fidget Spinner Best-Fidget-Spinner-2018comes in a round design with intenal fins that spin. While it looks considerably different than other spinners, it’s really not. It operates the same, but the outside ringed guard is a nice touch.

We’ve been able to spin the Mmrm Fidget Spinner for just over a minute. With a better break in time and added lubrication, it should be able to spin for up to 2 minutes.


Pros: 2 Minute Spin Time, Ring Design

Cons: Break in Period, Cheap Feel

**To see the Mmrm Fidget Spinner at, Click Here!**

10. Mmrm Gold Fidget Spinner

The Mmrm Gold FidgetBest-Fidget-Spinner-2018 Spinner is the classic bi-spinner design that incorporates two connected fins that spin simultaneously. This results in a very fast spin rate that is unmatched except  by the MOYA Fidget Spinner.

The Mmrm Gold Fidget Spinner is an eye catcher with the shiny gold design. It will spin easily from 1-2 minutes for even the most inexperienced users.


Pros: 2 Minute Spin Time, Fast Spin Rate

Cons: Cheap Feel

**To see the Mmrm Gold Fidget Spinner at, Click Here!**

Wrapping It Up

With as popular as fidget spinners are right now, you owe it to yourself to check one out. They provide a relatively inexpensive outlet to cure any fidgeting you may have. Challenge friends to see who can spin them the longest, or us your fidget spinner discreetly at your office desk to relieve stress and anxiety. Fidget spinners are lightweight and their small dimensions allow you to easily carry them around everywhere you go. The Chillax Fidget Spinner leads the Best Fidget Spinner 2020 list, while several others make for cheaper alternatives like the SunriseTop Fidget Spinner or the Mmrm Gold Fidget Spinner. Get one today and see what all the fuss is about!

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