Best Fishing Waders 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Fishing Waders 2018

Fishing is supposed to be fun, so finding theBest Fishing Waders 2018 best fishing waders 2020 will help make the experience more comfortable, enjoyable, and just a better fishing experience overall.

This is especially true when introducing new anglers to the sport. Their first experience should be great in hopes they return.

The fishing wader market has a wide range of offerings these days with many features to make your fishing expedition more enjoyable. We’ll explore the best fishing waders of 2020 that provide the highest comfort, durability, and dryness at an affordable price.

The following table lists the Best Fishing Waders of 2020 and helps break down the different features for each item. These reviews are designed to help gain a better understanding of the best fishing waders available in hopes that it translates to a better fishing experience.

Best Fishing Waders 2020

Wader NameWader MaterialBoot TypeBreathable? 
#1 SIMMS G3 Guide WadersGORE-TEX ®Stocking FootYesBest Fishing Waders 2018
#2 Patagonia Rio Gallegos WadersPolyesterStocking FootYes
#3 Orvis Silver Sonic Convertible Top Waders4-layer NylonStocking FootYesBest Fishing Waders 2018
#4 Simms Freestone Wader4-layer Toray QuadraLamStocking FootYesBest Fishing Waders 2018
#5 Redington Sonic Pro Fishing Waders4-layer NylonStocking FootYesBest Fishing Waders 2018
#6 Redington Crosswater Fishing Wader3-layer NylonStocking FootYesBest Fishing Waders 2018
#7 Caddis 2-Tone Deluxe Breathable WaderPolyesterStocking FootYesBest Fishing Waders 2018
#8 Hodgman Mackenzie WadersNylon/PVCBoot FootNoBest Fishing Waders 2018 (Under $100)
#9 Caddis Men's Green Neoprene Fishing WaderNeopreneStocking FootNoBest Fishing Waders 2018 (Under $80)
#10 Allen Brule River Fishing WadersNylonBoot FootNoBest Fishing Waders 2018 (Under $100)

1. Simms G3 Guide Fishing Waders – Best Fishing Waders 2020

The Simms G3 Guide Waders are the most Best Fishing Waders 2018popular fishing waders around, and for good reason too. It’s proven design and durability is why it ranks at the top of the Best Fishing Wader 2020 list.

Constructed of 3 layer breathable GORE-TEX in the top half, and 5 layer GORE-TEX in the bottom, it’s no wonder these fishing waders last far longer than most others. This combination of layered GORE-TEX results in a 25% increase in breathability.


  • NEW reach-through hand warmer pocket with stormflaps & micro-fleece lining
  • NEW zippered Chest Pocket & Integrated Utility Tabs
  • NEW Removable Flip-out Tippet Tender™ pocket with dual-entry zippers & retractor docking station
  • Patented front and back leg seams provide articulated fit, maximum comfort and mobility
  • Adjustable elastic 1.5” suspender with YKK® non-locking buckles
  • Abrasion-resistant, more durable built-in gravel guards
  • Built-In Low-Profile Belt Loops

The Simms G3 Fishing Waders combined with a good set of wader boots will provide a comfortable outing, keep you dry, and last longer than a lot of other waders available on the market today. Serious fishermen need serious gear, and the Simms G3 Fishing Waders are built to take the punishment. These factors are why it ranks at the top of the Best Fishing Waders 2020 list.


Pros: GORE-TEX durability, Host of pockets, Gravel Guards

Cons: Expensive

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2. Patagonia Rio Gallegos Waders

Patagonia gear is synonymous Best Fishing Waders 2018with quality and the Patagonia Rio Gallegos Waders are no exception. Constructed out of durable 4-layer breathable polyester, these are some of the toughest fishing waders on the market.

The Patagonia Rio Gallegos Fishing Waders are lined with H2No® waterproof coating to increase both the waterproof and breathable ability.   These rank only slightly behind the Gortex Simms G3 in regards to durability, but it’s close

These fishing waders are designed for a streamlined fit to aid in layering, while still allowing for freedom of movement. The Patagonia Rio Gallegos Waders feature single seam stitching on the high use areas to increase durability.

Flat panel gravel guards help to drain water faster and provide extra wear protection while wading. Booties are made of form fitting neoprene designed to fit comfortably. Large chest pockets with zippers and flip out pocket allow for water proof storage for any essentials. Knee pads are removable as well.

Overall, this is a great pair of fishing waders that provide a durable, comfortable, and stylish product with the quality of Patagonia. Attention to detail and design have made the Patagonia Rio Gallegos Fishing Waders one of the best fishing waders 2020.


Pros: Comfortable, Form fitting for ease of motion, Removable Knee Pads

Cons: Expensive

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3. Orvis Silver Sonic Fishing Waders

The Orvis Silver Sonic Best Fishing Waders 2018Convertible Top Fishing Waders are a light and durable wader that will help make any fishing experience a good one. Orvis offers these fishing waders in two different models, the Regular Convertible Top and the Guide Series.
The Silver Sonic Guides are up to 300% more abrasion resistant and 40% more puncture resistant that the Silver Sonic Convertible-Top waders.
Equipped with the Orvis SonicSeam technology, all thread and stitch holes are eliminated to provide extra durability. The last thing you want are compromised seams resulting in abrasions and leaks. The SonicSeam technology helps prevent that situation from occurring at all.

The main wader of the Convertible top fishing waders is constructed with durable 4-layer nylon to resist punctures and abrasion, while the upper wader is constructed of a lighter 4-layer nylon. The latter is what makes up the the Guide Series construction.

Silver Sonic waders have double-reinforced seams and a grand total of zero stitch holes, meaning they will last longer, cover more water, and become your go-to pair of waders no matter the conditions. The durability of these waders combined with the convertible top allow for a options not found in some of the other fishing waders reviewed in the best fishing waders 2020 list.


Pros: Seamless stitching, 4-layer Nylon, Convertible top

Cons: Less Pockets than other top waders, Zipper durability of convertible top

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4. Simms Freestone Z Wader

Designed for the budget conscious fisherman that still requiresBest Fishing Waders 2018 Simms quality fishing waders, the Simms Freestone Z Fishing Waders have a lot to offer. Constructed of durable Toray® QuadraLam™, this fabric allows for breathability and repels water with ease.

Equipped with a large fleece lined front pocket, the Simms Feestone Z Waders warm your hands on even the coldest days.

Reversible suspender buckles allow for the easy conversion from chest to waist high level. The Simms Freestone Z Fishing Wader internal zipper interface is compatible with both the Tippet Tender™ Pocket or Waterproof Wader Pouch (sold separately).

Hourglass stockingfoot patterning eliminates excess material and offers a low-profile fit in a wading boot.


Pros: Simms Quality, Toray Durability. Fleece Lined Front Pocket, Convertible

Cons: Not GORTEX Tough like Simms 3

**To see the Simms Freestone Z Fishing Waders at, Click Here!**

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5. Redington Sonic Pro Fishing Wader

Arguably the best Fishing Wader on the marketBest Fishing Waders 2018 today by Redington, the Sonic Pro Fishing Wader is durable, comfortable, and affordable all wrapped into one.

Constructed of the 4 layer breathable nylon, the Redington Sonic Pro Fishing Waders are near the top of the best fishing waders 2020 list. SonicWeld seams create a simple wader with superior durability for uncompromising performance on the water.

Designed with minimal pockets and a sleek silhouette, the Sonic Pro Fishing Waders perform in all conditions without all the fluff. Breathable for those hot days and warm enough for deep wading in cold waters, the Sonic Pro Fishing Waders do it all.


  • Ergonomic 3.5mm neoprene bootie with 4mm bottom for additional comfort and increased durability against punctures
  • Slim wading belt compatible with majority of pliers and staffs
  • Flip out pocket with zipper and mesh tippet pocket
  • Two-sided fleece lined hand warmer pocket
  • Anti-corrosive hardware

Pros: 4 layer durability, Sleek Silhouette, Affordable

Cons: Limited Storage, Not Convertible

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6. Redington Crosswater Fishing Wader

The Redington Crosswater Fishing Wader is a stepBest Fishing Waders 2018 down from the popular Sonic Pro line. But even so, it offers a great alternative at an even better price point.

With only 3 layers of breathable nylon material, the Redington Crosswater Fishing Waders do not provide the same durability as other highly rated fishing waders. However, this is clearly evident in the price difference and for those that might not need the best wader around, these could provide another option for entry level breathable fishing waders.


  • Opposing buckles for easy conversion to waist high
  • Integrated gravel-guards with hook
  • Flip-out pocket with YKK zipper
  • Belt loop with wading belt included
  • High density neoprene booties

Pros: Affordable, Breathable, Convertible, Entry Level

Cons: Not as Durable with 3 layer nylon

**To see the Redington Crosswater Fishing Waders at, Click Here!**

7. Caddis 2-Tone Deluxe Breathable Wader – Best Budget Fishing Waders

The Deluxe, one of Caddis’ top of the lineBest Fishing Waders 2018 fishing waders, is both stylish and capable of providing a comfortable fishing experience in all conditions.

The Attractive 2-Tone Taupe Color symbolizes the design and style of the top fishing waders in 2020. Constructed of polyester (ranked 2nd in the best fishing waders 2020 list behind the polyester Patagonia Rio Gallegos),  the Caddis 2-Tone Deluxe Fishing Waders offer medium durability compared to GORTEX of 4 layered systems.

Incorporating CaddisDry technology, the breathable layer will not allow water molecules to pass through and enter the waders – however, it does this while still allowing smaller vapor molecules to exit. With no build up of moisture within the waders, you’ll stay comfortable in all seasons.


  • Reinforced Knee’s
  • Attached Gravel Guards
  • Seams Taped, Glued and Stitched
  • Foot Taped Inside and Out
  • New Quad Pocket
  • Free Wader Belt and Repair Kit
  • High-Density Neoprene Soles

Pros: Affordable, Stylish, Reinforced Seams, Gravel Guards, CaddisDry technology, Light weight, Best Budget Waders

Cons: Not as durable as other top waders

**To see the Caddis 2-Tone Deluxe Fishing Waders at, Click Here!**

8. Hodgman Mackenzie Waders

The Hodgman Mackenzie Fishing WadersBest Fishing Waders 2018 are your basic, no frills fishing waders. Constructed of a nylon shell and PVC boots, these fishing waders are 35% lighter than similar rubber waders.

If you’ve used rubber fishing waders before, you realize how important weight, or lack thereof is when taking long hikes or fishing all day. Reducing that overall load helps to create a better overall fishing experience and factors we’re looking for in the best fishing waders 2020 list.

Adjustable suspenders with easy on and off buckles allow for a customized fit and the lightweight PVC boot with cleated outsole allows you to trek without being worn down by heavy rubber boots.


Pros: Light weight, Cheap

Cons: Not as durable as other top waders, Not convertible, No pockets, Not breathable

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9. Caddis Men’s Green Neoprene Fishing Wader

When most think of neoprene fishing waders, Best Fishing Waders 2018they picture something similar to the Caddis Men’s Green Neoprene Fishing Wader.

Straight and to the point, these fishing waders offer warmth and comfortability for colder fishing environments. They are also equipped with a fleece lined handwarmer pocket and sliding gravel guards for added functionality.

With 3.5mm Neoprene, the Caddis Green Neoprene Fishing Waders will provide warmth in most cold weather situations. If extreme cold conditions are expected, then a step up to 5mm Neoprene might be in order.

Due to the tight fit of Neoprene, it’s best to order a size or two larger than needed. This will come in handy when putting them on or trying to take them off. Another aspect to keep in mind when owning neoprenes vs. breathables is the slow tendency for wet Neoprenes to dry out. Boot driers are available to help accelerate the drying process, but just be aware that if they do not dry out they will likely develop a unpleasant odor after a while.


Pros: Warmer than Most Breathables

Cons: Tight Fit, Not Breathable (Sweating is likely), Not advisable for warm applications, Not very durable

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10. Allen Brule River Fishing Waders

Rounding out the best fishing waders of 2020 list,Best Fishing Waders 2018 the Allen Brule River Fishing Waders are the most simplistic and affordable fishing waders in the review.

If you rarely fish or need a pair of fishing waders to keep you dry a time or two and then get lost in the garage, then these are the fishing waders for you. Constructed of lighter than rubber nylon and cleated boots with 2 ply uppers, the Allen Brule River Fishing Waders provide a light and durable combination for light duty.

With adjustable web suspenders and a drawstring top, these fishing waders provide the bare minimum in adjustable fitting.


Pros: Everything you need to stay dry, nothing you don’t at an affordable price

Cons: Poor Durability, Not comfortable for long durations

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Breathable vs. Non-Breathable

Fishing waders are normally broken up between two classes, breathable and non-breathable. Breathable waders are built with layered material that allows for moisture, heat, and perspiration to transfer externally while not allowing water in. This ensures you stay dry inside your waders and perspiration does not build up. Breathable fishing waders are great for mild climates and longer wades. They are often lighter than most non-breathable fisher waders.

Non-breathable fishing waders are usually made of rubber, nylon, pvc, or neoprene and present an impermeable barrier. Water stays out, and perspiration, heat and everything else stays in. If you do a lot activity in these types of waders, then your underclothes will likely be soaking wet when you take the waders off. Non-breathable waders usually serve their purpose of keeping water out at an affordable price.


Fishing waders available in 2020 offer just about everything one would need depending on application. From hardcore fishing enthusiasts that trek miles and spend days on the river, to the new or entry level fisherman looking to enjoy a quick outing with budget waders, there’s options for all. As seen in the best fishing waders 2020 list, factors such as breathable vs. neoprenes, nylon vs. GORTEX vs. polyester, and price are all considerations to be evaluated before you purchase your next pair of fishing waders. The Simms G3 Guide Fishing Waders were the top wader on the best fishing wader 2020 list. The best Budget waders were the Caddis 2-Tone Deluxe Breathable Wader.


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