How To Make Coffee That Wakes You Up

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We’ve all been there. The coffee isn’t strong enough and you’re left frustrated. Your day may even be ruined. Well, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together this guide to making coffee that will wake you up no matter what! With these tip’s you’ll be able to brew strong coffee with consistency.

How to Make Coffee that Wakes You Up

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First off, for coffee to aid in waking you up, it must contain a lot of caffeine. Caffeine blocks receptors in your brain to stimulate alertness. Without this, the sluggishness you feel in the morning is prolonged. The first step is choosing a coffee with enough caffeine to get you going.

How Much Caffeine Per Serving?

Typically, 8 ounces of coffee contains anywhere between 80-140 mg of caffeine. To achieve this, make sure you follow these steps to maximize the effectiveness of the brew.

STEP 1 – Grind Fresh and Fine

STEP 2 – Increase Coffee to Water Ratio

STEP 3 – Brew at Highest Temperature

STEP 4 – Drink as Soon as Possible

With these 4 steps, you can maximize the amount of caffeine and consistently brew coffee that wakes you up.

Grind Fresh and Fine

Fine grinding your coffee insures that the surface area that the hot water will have to percolate is a the highest level possible. This will allow maximize flavor and caffeine transfer from the grinds into the brew. You may even need to purchase a fine grinder to achieve a finer ground than most coarse store bought brands.

Increase Coffee to Water Ratio

Many coffee makers allow you to adjust the water to coffee ratio so that you can brew stronger coffee. With a finer grind, less water will actually result in an even stronger brew.

Brew at Highest Temperature

Brewing at the highest temperature insures that the coffee grounds will be penetrated by the hot water and the transfer of flavor and caffeine will be complete. It will also brew faster which leads to the next step.

Drink as Soon as Possible

For coffee lovers, this really isn’t a difficult task. Drink it all and as fast as possible, just don’t burn yourself. Fresh coffee from fine grounds brewed at a high temperature and consumed quickly is the key to making coffee that will wake you up.

What Coffee Maker Produces Coffee That Will Wake You Up?

There a many coffee machines that will do the trick, but we recommend a single serve machine like the Ninja Coffee Bar which has adjustable controls so you can fine tune your brew. Remember, fine grounds brewed at a high temperature maximizes flavor and caffeine transfer and results in a cup of coffee that will wake you in morning guaranteed.

Ninja Coffee Bar

What Coffee has the most caffeine?

If you would rather just purchase coffee grinds with more caffeine already in them, you’re in luck. There are several coffee grinds specially made with elevated levels of caffeine.

1) Devils Wish Coffee – 474 mg/12oz mug

2) Black Insomnia Coffee – 702 mg/12oz mug

3) Killer Coffee – 645 mg/12oz mug

These will definitely wake you up, but they should be used sparingly and can be dangerous if too much is consumed. The safe route is to stick with regular coffee and always follow the four steps already mention and in order to brew regular coffee stronger.

Bottom Line

Brewing coffee that will wake you up is not difficult. It takes a few extras steps to insure that caffeine is being transferred from the coffee grinds in an efficient manner in order to help wake you up. Following the 4 steps of brewing coffee helps accomplish this with surprising consistency. Make sure you have a coffee maker like the Ninja Coffee Bar which lets you adjust your brewing techniques and you can even experiment with different caffeine infused coffee grinds.